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Posted on: October 31, 2010 12:44 am

washington capitals thoughts?first ten games plus

so far in ten games we have seen alot of slow starts,like every first period!the team looks solid at times but i think that we should not expect the team to score like last year,sesons like that r very rare...neuvirth has looked like a playoff goalie and the pk is vastly improved....maybe we need to battle in more tight games{three ot wins so far} to "season" the team,carlson and alzner have looked solid but young at times,they will improve as the season wears on!ovys ten points in ten games hardly would be a slump in any players world{maybe gretz}but tonight the caps r just torching the Flames{no pun intended}backstrom with 4pts and greener with 3,i think nick is the key he stirs the Capitals "rum and coke" drink....its a long season and tampa looks awfully solid iam afraid,the caps will be in for a long battle this season........to be continued.....any comments or thoughts?
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