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Posted on: December 21, 2010 9:19 pm

losing streak/hbo show

nice to see the caps losing streak end but i think they celebrated that win over ottawa waaay to much!i think the cameras following then r making them act a little different.They are winning right now 4-1 over the Devils,second intermission,hopefully a repeat of toronto wont happen{lol}watching the first hour of the hbo show,u could tell that pitt is a tighter,better team,practices look crisp and the caps dont!the Capitals top forwards are just playing brutal and the media keeps pouring it on!hopefully the caps will weather the ebbs and flows of the nhl season and go into the playoffs knowing some tough times behind them and it can help them win in the playoffs only time will tell!the hbo show is cool but i will be glad when  the cameras r gone and the team can focus on getting home ice for the postseason......
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